La Parrilla Mexican Bar & Grill

Bold Street restaurant named the best in Liverpool according to Trip Advisor

Liverpool has a new number one restaurant, according to Trip Advisor.

La Parrilla, on Bold Street, is open seven days a week and serves up traditional Mexican dishes like enchiladas and fajitas.

The Mexican bar and grill opened in 2017 following a huge refurbishment of the building which was once hope to a t-shirt printing business.

David Thomas, the owner of La Parrilla, said: “It’s been a long time coming, we’ve worked really hard to get this genuinely.

La Parrilla on Bold Street is now the number one restaurant in Liverpool according to Trip Advisor

“From the start we just said ‘let’s take the time to do this properly’, so everytime we have a customer we ask them to leave us an honest review.

“People aren’t stupid, they won’t come back if the food or the service is bad. It just proves if you’ve got good food, good chefs, good service you can do it.

“It feels phenomenal to be number one on Trip Advisor, there are so many major restaurants in Liverpool you know and we haven’t got that base that some of them do – who would have thought it would be little old La Parrilla.”


The restaurant has a five star rating on Trip Advisor with more than 1,000 reviews.

Recent reviews claim La Parrilla is a “marvellous Mexican on Bold Street “, while one reviewer said the restaurant is the “best Mexican in Liverpool”.

Another customer said: “Great service, reasonable prices and most importantly great food. The portions were generous and the food tasted fresh. We will be back.”

La Parrilla is open from 10am – 11pm Monday to Saturday and 10am – 10pm on Sundays.


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