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Lark Lane | Bold Street | South Road


La Parrilla Mexican Bar & Grill

Lark Lane | Bold Street | South Road

Are you in for an adventurous food trip? Come try our award-winning Mexican cuisine. They say the best way to experience a country’s culture is to taste its traditional food and drinks - our fajitas, tequila, and cocktails are certainly no exception! We have brought the culture, the music, and the famous rustic cantina-style atmosphere to Liverpool’s most iconic food neighbourhoods: Lark Lane, Bold Street, and South Road.

Lark Lane

This stunning spot offers a true experience of Mexican cuisine, where you can enjoy a beer or a cocktail in our garden located at the front of the restaurant.

Bold Street

Bold Street - Hear the traditional sound of our live Mexican performers and take a trip to the warm planes of South America after tasting our sought-after food.

South Road

South Road - Visit our branch situated in the heart of one of the finest food districts in Liverpool. A must for any foodie!